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About Us

About Us

The Skintini Story

I have been a licensed cosmetologist for 25 years and have owned my own salon for 15 years. I love creating beautiful styles and I have always loved skincare and have managed my own skin regimen since I got pregnant with my first son.

My skin went crazy! I was always combination and all of a sudden my face hurt everyday. I ended up at the skincare counter and this woman said to me “Forget everything you have heard about skincare. You need to balance the skin and all these problems will disappear.”

Within a week I had a new face, and people noticed! I started incorporating anti-aging and researching to find the best cellular turnover. I decided at 40 to try some noninvasive skincare treatments to help with the aging because Botox just wasn’t for me. Microdermabrasion – I loved the service but it made my rosacea so much worse. I tried laser treatments to help with the rosacea, but it made it worse.

Then my esthetician said “Let’s try a chemical peel.” That sounded so scary to me, but she assured me it would be ok. And I had this amazing Hollywood glow! However, it only lasted two days. Then the plump was gone and so was the glow.

Finally, I went to an appointment and she tried an oxygen mask before my peel and burnt my face! I looked to see what she used and it was glycolic acid 40%. I was so upset.

I researched that AHA, and in my research, I found an Alpha Hydroxy Acid that is made of bitter almonds all organic and is not linked to cancer, like Glycolic and Lactic acid. After three weeks my rosacea was gone! I looked 5 years younger.

I then brought it into my salon and tested it for two years. The Skintini system includes eight all-natural products with organic ingredients that make you produce your own collagen and balance your skin! Filling in lines and wrinkles, age spots lighten and disappear, rosacea pales. Volume reappears in the forehead, cheeks, and lips!

I am a woman who survived domestic abuse and trauma. I donate a portion of all proceeds to organizations that support these women. My goal is to empower women on every plane. We deserve to love ourselves and be loved for who we are!

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